Hidden From View Book

Helping Clinicians understand and treat Psychophysiologic Disorders

From physicians to psychologists to social workers to physical therapists, a broad segment of the health professions struggle to help people suffering from PPD.

Hidden From View can empower both you and your patient to overcome these common and often chronic conditions.

  • Understand the brain and emotional causes of PPD
  • Diagnose PPD with a confirmatory interview process using Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy Methods
  • Provide educational, and cognitive-behavioral treatment
  • Treat some PPD cases with emotion focused therapy sessions

"This concise manual by an internist and psychiatrist with decades of experience in managing psychophysiological disorders and who bring an ideal combination of scientific and clinical perspectives to the topic. Hidden From View is recommended for a broad range of health professionals as well as patients suffering from common symptoms."
—Kurt Kroenke, Chancellor’s Professor of Medicine, Indiana University

"Hidden from View offers a paradigm shifting approach, which is scientifically based, empirically researched and genuinely effective. I can’t recommend this book more highly."
—Steve Allder, MD, Consultant Neurologist, Recognition Health, UK

ALLAN ABBASS, MD, is Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.
HOWARD SCHUBINER, MD, is an internist at Providence Hospital and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. They conduct research and provide ongoing training in the treatment of PPD around the world.

*The personal stories are from actual course participants and are used with permission. The names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.