How to Enroll in the Mind Body Program

It is important to understand that this educational program is intended for people who have the understanding that they have Mind Body Syndrome (also known as Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome, or TMS). If you are not sure that you have this syndrome, you should seek help to figure out if this designation applies to you. You can reach Dr. Schubiner at or contact any of the doctors on the Resources page.

Deciding between getting Unlearn Your Pain (the book) versus enrolling in the online program

You will get the same Mind Body Educational Program in the book and the online program. The book is less expensive ($25 versus $100) and therefore a better value. You can learn more about the book here 'Unlearn Your Pain'. The online program has video instruction, an online forum for help and ongoing access to Dr. Schubiner by email for questions or concerns. You can enroll in the online program below and you can order the book here 'Order Unlearn Your Pain'.

If you decidedto enroll in the Mind Body Educational Program, Click the 'Enroll in the Mind Body Program' link. From here you will create an account that you will login to the course site with. After you click on the link within your confirmation email, you will be asked to read and indicate your agreement with the disclaimer statement.

The next step is payment. The program costs $100.00 and you can pay via Paypal with any major credit cards or from your Paypal account.

Once you have paid for the program, you will be directed to the course itself.

When you would like to continue the course, click on the 'Continue The Course' link underneath the 'Enroll in the Mind Body Program' link on the right side, or visit You may be asked to enter your login information.

Learn More about the Mind Body Program

The program is a comprehensive and highly structured class that consists of 4 weeks of educational experiences, plus some supplemental material. You will see videos of Dr. Schubiner teaching the class, which were recorded at a recent class. The class consists of a variety of exercises to help you understand yourself better and overcome MBS/TMS.

In some of the exercises, you will be writing about stresses and issues in your life, writing unsent letters and writing dialogues. There are lists to compile about some of the stresses in your life, about some of your personality traits, about triggers to your symptoms as well as a few others. There are meditations that you can hear on your computer or download to an MP3 player. There are specific exercises involving self-affirmations which you will be instructed to perform. Finally, you will be asked to consider future plans for yourself.

At the start of the program, you will be shown a lecture by Dr. Schubiner (you may have already viewed it on the web site) and some materials to complete to help understand why you have developed MBS/TMS. As mentioned above, this program is intended for people who understand MBS/TMS and who understand why they have developed it. If you are unsure if you have MBS/TMS or if you don�t know why you have developed it, you should see a doctor or counselor who is familiar with MBS/TMS to help you. Before enrolling in this program, you should have consulted your doctor and/or counselor to make sure that an educational program would be acceptable. A full disclaimer will be required before enrolling in this course. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at

Each week of the 4-week class will begin with new video instructions, new writing exercises, and a new meditation. There are 3 recorded meditations and 5 different sets of writing exercises. All of these materials are on the web site. The program asks you to do approximately an hour of "homework" each day. This includes the writing, meditations, affirmations and other exercises. This is obviously a large commitment, but one which is necessary to finally rid yourself of months or years of physical or psychological symptoms. Of course, you can do the program at any pace you like as you are not time-limited. However, it is recommended to do this program completely and wholeheartedly in order to have the best results.

The site has a forum that allows you to email comments, questions, and suggestions to Dr. Schubiner and to others taking this program. You can ask for help with the program or with issues that arise while you are taking the program.

Computer Requirements for using this program

This program uses both audio and video clips. In order to play these clips, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed for your browser. You will also need Adobe Reader to open some of the worksheets. NOTE: For some Apple or Android users, you cannot download Adobe Flash Player directly. However, you can download either Puffin or Photon browsers from the App store and you can use one of these to access the program. These have Adobe Flash player built in to them and are free.

For Both PC & Mac users:

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderGet Adobe Flash Player
*The personal stories are from actual course participants and are used with permission. The names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.